New - Condair RS resistive steam humidifier

Condair is launching a new resistive steam humidifier, the Condair RS. It has a patented scale management system that allows easy removal of limescale, resulting in reduced maintenance and extended operational periods between major services. It also incorporates the latest touch screen control technology, has BMS as standard and offers very close humidity control at ±1%RH with RO water.

The Condair RS’ patented scale management system sets it aside from all other humidifiers in its class and makes it the most user-friendly resistive steam humidifier in the world. Scale that forms on the heating elements detaches during operation and falls into a scale collector tank, located under the boiling cylinder. To remove the scale from the humidifier, the user simply drains the system with the push of the button, disconnects the scale collector from its bayonet fastening, empties and reattaches it. The humidifier can be returned to providing humidity control in minutes without even needing to open the humidifier’s main cabinet.

To further enable long periods between major services, the Condair RS’ water inlet and drain are located in a “cold water pool” to prevent scale blockages. By locating these orifices between an inner liner and the external wall of the boiling cylinder, the water temperature in this insulated area is kept at around 55°C. The inner liner prevents falling scale from causing blockages and the low water temperature inhibits direct scale formation. Furthermore, as scale is collected in the tank, it is prevented from being flushed into a building’s pipe work and blocking it.

Alongside these innovative scale management features, the Condair RS incorporates the latest touch screen technology, providing intuitive control over operation and extensive reporting functions. As well as all operating parameters, the user can view trouble shooting suggestions and service requirements. A USB connection allows performance data, service history and faults to be recorded and downloaded to Excel for advanced diagnostics. The USB port also allows the software to be easily updated. BMS is incorporated as standard with BACnet and Modbus protocols.

The Condair RS has an optional hygiene pack that will automatically drain the complete system following a predetermined period of inoperation. As the solenoid valve is located on the scale collector’s drain, at the very bottom of the unit, the drain is absolutely complete without any residual water left in the humidifier. This hygiene pack option also allows the Condair RS to send an activation signal to a building-side valve that could drain the supply line and make the complete system fully draining HTM compliant.

Unlike electrode boiler humidifiers, which pass current through the water in the boiling cylinder to create steam, the Condair RS resistive steam humidifier boils the water with resistance heater elements. This technology reduces operating costs, as it allows the use of cleanable stainless heating cylinders rather than disposable plastic cylinders. Furthermore, as the conductivity of the water has no impact on its heating, reverse osmosis (RO) water can be used. This further reduces maintenance requirements as scale build-up is virtually eliminated. The use of RO water also improves humidity control to ±1%RH, as the water level is more consistent without the need for mineral dilution cycles to control foaming.

The Condair Group is the world’s leading manufacturer of commercial and industrial humidification systems, setting the standard globally for innovative, energy-efficient and hygienic solutions. Today, with over 600 employees, Condair operates production sites in Europe, North America and China, is represented in 14 countries by our own sales and service organisations, and supported by distribution partners in a further 50 countries worldwide.

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