JetSpray compressed air & water spray humidifier

Robust operation without the need for RO water. Compressed air ensures very rapid evaporation without the risk of drips.

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ML Flex high pressure direct air humidifier

A high pressure spray humidifier for use in industrial manufacturing, horticulture, dust suppression and evaporative cooling.

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Which spray humidifier is right for my project?

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ML Princess high pressure direct air humidifier

Ceiling mounted humidifier, quietly delivering low energy humidification directly to a room's atmosphere.

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ML Solo high pressure direct air humidifier

High pressure direct air humidifier for low energy humidity control and evaporative cooling of a room's atmosphere.

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Rotary atomizers

Range includes Condair ABS3, Condair 3001 and Condair 505. Economic spray humidifiers.

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Other humidifier technologies...

Steam / isothermal humidifiers

For humidification either directly into a air handling unit or room

In-duct adiabatic humidifiers

For low energy humidification and evaporative cooling in an air handling unit or duct

Mobile humidifiers

Mobile humidifiers for low capacity humidification directly into a room

Service, maintenance and spares supply

Condair offers expert servicing and maintenance of humidifiers alongside spares parts and consumables.